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Welcome to Gentry Lawn Care providing professional lawn care services in the Cedar Creek Lake, Richland Chambers Lake, Corsicana, Forney and Athens, Texas areas for several years.


We specialize in lawn care services that include weed control, mole control, tree and shrub care and lawn fertilization to give you a healthy, weed-free lawn instead of doing your own lawn care and trying to control weeds yourself. The experienced North Texas lawn care professionals at Gentry Lawn Care are your best choice for a healthy-looking lawn!


Gentry Lawn Care uses only the best professional weed-control products to combat crabgrass, and other grassy weeds. Broadleaf weeds, such as dandelions, chickweed, etc. are sprayed with post-emergent herbicides. To build up the health and density of your turf, quality fertilizers are applied during the growing season.


Caring for lawns requires skill, knowledge and experience, as well as reliable, regular attention. This expertise and knowledge also includes care for your trees and plants. We are locally owned and operated, so we know what it takes to keep a yard in North Texas beautiful and healthy all year long.


Our experience and commitment to customer service take the worry out of keeping your lawn rich and green, weed and insect free. Forget the hassles of keeping up with various treatment schedules, chemical products or backbreaking work during the hottest part of the summer. We even go one step further by providing irrigation and drainage maintenance, and repair service to ensure proper water management of your lawn. We’ll keep your system and landscape in tip-top shape.

2016 Lawn Care Promotions and Discounts



Receive up to $75 OFF your initial treatment when you begin service with us on our 7-Step Program for 2015! We will provide you a price quote for your lawn the same day by measuring your lawn using aerial images on the Internet, and can start your service the very next day (weather permitting). Request an instant quote now!


Tree and Shrub Services


If you are not happy with your landscapes color or over all health, then you may need our tree and shrub services. We provide timely treatments for insect and diseases as well as fertilization treatments in the spring and fall. Request a free online estimate.


Lawn Care Services


Fire Ant Control


During spring months and warmer weather, fire ants start to forage for food and to build new nests/mounds. Now is the time to apply fire ant control. We can apply Top Choice, a granular insecticide, which provides control of fire ants for one year. One application, one year without fire ants-Guaranteed.

7 Step Lawn Treatment Program


Treatment 1 – Late winter

Pre-emergent crabgrass and spring weed control,

post-emergent broadleaf weed control.


Treatment 2 – Early Spring

Pre-emergent weed control for summer weeds,

spring fertilizer to promote green-up.


Treatment 3 – Late Spring

Fertilizer for healthy turf, spot spray weeds.


Treatment 4 – Early Summer

Summer fertilizer with slow release nutrients.

Spot spray weeds.


Treatment 5 – Late Summer

Summer fertilizer with slow release nutrients

to keep grass green into fall. Spot spray weeds.


Treatment 6 – Fall

Pre-emergent weed control with fertilizer.

Spot spray weeds.


Treatment 7 – Winter

Winter pre-emergent and broadleaf weed control.


Our Services Also Include:


The best fertilizer for your Lawn

Weed and Crab Grass Control

Insect and Disease Management

Tree and Shrub Care

Complete Irrigation & Drainage Service



215 The Green Way, Tool, TX 75143


Gentry Lawn Care, 215 The Green Way, Tool, TX 75143

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